Online Casinos - Honest or Not

Thanks to the internet, gambling is a social event that can be enjoyed by people all over the globe, enjoy online games at site. However, with any new technology comes new ways to exploit consumers and players should know what to look for in order to stay safe when gambling online.

Identifying Fair Casinos

Honest online casinos will always display a seal of approval from one or more of the world's leading regulatory bodies like eCOGRA or others. Though this is the case, players should always be aware that these logos are easily copied and pasted onto any website. To be sure, players should always visit the regulatory body's website and ensure that the exact web address of the visited casino can be found on their list of endorsed online casinos or try sports betting.


Two of the ways that online casinos portray dishonesty include the rigging of software or the prevention of wins. Some of the software that can be tampered with includes the random number generators, automatic shufflers and even the programs that dictate the house edge against the player. Preventing wins involves reprogramming the software in such a way that small wins occur on occasion, but no players will ever win the jackpot--despite what is listed on the leaderboards. Dishonest online casinos will often make up usernames to list on these boards in order to make players think that others are winning and understand table limits.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a very serious problem that online casinos work to address on a daily basis. The technology offered by honest online casino encrypts user information and transactions in such a way that they are unreadable by any other party. Again, if the casino is endorsed by a leading regulatory body, then chances are that identity theft is not an issue and players can enjoy their games in peace. Always double-check this for safety, however.

Though not every casino is honest and fair, players should know that their odds of winning a large jackpot are very small with online casino. Failure to win large sums of money is likely not a reflection of the casino's integrity; it is more than likely a reflection of the legal and fair casino game odds that are difficult to overcome.